About Us

What is accreditation?

In order to function smoothly, every organization must follow certain principles and quality standards provided by the government or any other authoritative body. Accreditation is the process of evaluation through which it is determined whether an organization is confirming to quality standards and is competent enough to carry out its duties.

The process of accreditation can be done either through assessments, inspection, audits or timely checks by a third party, which has a dedicated and unbiased team to conduct these services efficiently.

Why do you need accreditation?

If you run an institution or organization, it’s imperative that you meet certain standards of quality to be at the top of your business. This not only improves your reputation in the industry and helps you stay ahead of your contemporaries but also opens your avenues to newer pastures like better funding, publicity and a bright future on the whole. Moreover, complying with the laws and policies of the land is a must to steer clear of troubles, like reputational or financial losses, of any kind.

For all this and more, you need a team of skilled professionals who tell you whether your institution is adhering to all quality standards and is on the right track. You need a third-party that is not only neutral in its assessment but also takes the load off your shoulders so that your organization and its employees are focused on the goals of the company. This is where a company like JBR World steps in.  

Welcome to JBR World

John Brooks & Harvard Registrars Inc. USA (JBR) offers international accreditation services to small, medium and large-scale corporations in 3000 locations across the globe and boasts of state-of-the-art R&D facilities. With a range of services tailored to suit your organization’s requirements, JBR ensures that your business gains global recognition as well as the trust of the entire community.

With an aim to strike the perfect balance between quality, profitability and sustainability, the JBR team has worked with companies in all sectors – hospitality, energy, retail, health and safety, education and engineering – to name a few. Thanks to our timely and efficient assistance, many of these companies have risen to the top of their game and performed to the best of their abilities.