Company Overview

Overview of the Company:

JBR and its activities:

JBR’s team consists of some of the most experienced and qualified professionals in the world. Putting their heads together, they have come up several innovative strategies for individuals and organizations in the last three decades. Here is an overview of the strategies and activities of JBR

Dr. Debt:

It is a wing of JBR that helps people and businesses that have undergone a financial loss or are facing credit/loan recovery issues. From strategies to legal aid, we assist them every step of the way and help them rebuild their careers.


It consists of various educational activities including value-added programs for students completely developed by the team of JBR. We have worked with many students, schools and universities over the years.

Child Care Management (CCM):

It is a triangular program that makes students, teachers and parents work together to ensure a smooth academic life for youngsters. For kindergarten schools, we also provide CCM certification.

‘Brain Waves’:

This platform includes a ‘Nine Root Strength Program’ which consists of nine value-added topics that are taught to the children helping them build relations and enhance their language skills.

First Graduation Program (FGP):

This playschools consists of a four-year-program under which, children can study from anywhere in the world. This is helpful especially under the circumstances of shifting or change of cities, where children can easily get transferred from one FGP-certified school to another.

Our Grievance Management Cell:

This sorts out internal disputes in all enterprises, from small to big.

Ranking system:

It helps institutions understand where they stand in terms of their offerings and polish themselves for future opportunities to steer ahead of their contemporaries.

Seconds Sign:

It encourages organizations to go resume-free by providing an algorithm to calculate a candidate’s score on the basis of his or her qualifications and achievements. All one has to do is send the resume to us and the score will be instantly calculated and pre-verified by Sign Today. For this purpose, Sign Today also aims to create free 1.56 lakh jobs by training and employing aspiring professionals and shaping them into bright entrepreneurs. It also plans to conduct a rigorous 35-40 day screening camp across India and lend a hand to businesses and individuals to overcome frauds and fraudulent activities.


It is a platform that aims to keep academic institutions abreast with all the latest event and happenings from the world of education.


It is a common radio set-up across all schools and colleges to streamline the content and ensure a mass reach.

Online Schooling:

JBR’s team was the first one in the world to come up with the concept of online schooling in 2017. Our professionals envision that every apartment or gated community should have a school and make use of its amenities to provide the best quality education to children.

lifelong learning opportunity

We truly believe that there is no end to learning and hence provide a lifelong learning opportunityto all institutions. Any school or college that ties up with us gets support for lifetime. We also provide support and practical training to students even after they complete their studies.

Distance Professional Training Programme:

Our Distance Professional Training Programme was established in 1995 with the purpose of providing correspondence education and enhancing the skills of busy professionals. We have a tie-up with Cambridge School of Distance Learning to provide a trainers’ certification to our students.

Bilateral relations or multi-lateral relations:

Bilateral relations or multi-lateral relations with different countries for accreditation – We engage with different educational institutions from various countries to adapt to various policies and create a sustainable plan for everyone. With an aim to bring international students and faculties to Indian schools and colleges, JBR actively participated in the G20 Summit in Indore and interacted with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and understood the summit’s concept of ‘One Family, One Future’.

Research and Development (R&D):

JBR’s Research and Development (R&D) team is strong and experienced to talk about issues cropping up in every area of life.

Hospitality standardization:

JBR aims to create unique strategies and bring international standardization to hotels and hospitals to help them function more efficiently and be more accessible to the common man.

Solving legal disputes:

Whether it is property or copyright, is simple and hassle-free with our team.

Rebuilding businesses and careers:

We provide aid to those with a broken career or failed business by providing them a project and the full freedom to build it. They can also come out with their own financial strategy for the business and work for themselves as per their comfort.

Start-up Mission:

JBR’s ‘Start-up Mission’, that has incubated many nascent businesses and start-ups in the past, now provides the right strategy for them to set up a business and even connects them with the right resources for the same.

Strategy Management:

Our Strategy Management team helps you build a business from scratch and overcome the challenges you face to develop it.